Our Team

Justine T Martin

Bakeshop Boss + Cupcake Connoisseur

Self-trained, Owner and Operator, Justine Martin, started For Heaven’s Bake Sudbury in 2015 from her home kitchen. After 2 years of perfecting her processes, developing custom recipes, honing her skills and building a strong and loyal customer base, she opened Guilty Pleasures Bakeshop + Bar.

Justine’s passion for baking began during her childhood, when summer days regularly revolved around making pie… Mornings spent picking blueberries with Gramma, afternoons rolling dough and evenings sharing a slice (or two) with Papa. During university, inspired by shows like Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss, Justine started to get some serious practice in, making elaborate cakes and cupcakes at the request of friends and family.

Guilty Pleasures Bakeshop + Bar combines Justine’s love of decadent food and great wine. Running the bakeshop, she’s able to honour her analytical/business-minded side, while still indulging her creativity, crafting unique flavours and decorating distinctive cakes.

When the urge to indulge hits, Justine prefers savoury treats. That’s why she’s developed Guilty Pleasures’ signature flavours, which deviate from the classic chocolate and vanilla. Her all-time favourite is the Balsamic Fig cupcake with honey mascarpone frosting!

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Justin V Trottier

Chief Cocktailian + Brilliant Barista

A self-taught and self-proclaimed mixologist, beer fiend, and wine connaisseur, Justin has immersed himself in cocktail culture for years, all the while experimenting with his own aromatic combinations: infusions, tinctures, and bitters in an elegant, contemporary fashion. Justin enjoys expertly curated cocktails that satisfy customer requests, as well as sharing his knowledge, techniques, and his own custom creations.

Justin’s love for floral and herbaceous flavours have him favouring the bakeshop’s French Basil and Rosemary & Lavender cupcakes.

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Michael J Sauve

Culinary Craftsman + Menu Mastermind

A classically trained pastry chef from George Brown College, Michael has contributed to edible masterpieces at some of Toronto’s finest culinary establishments, including Cluny Bistro and Boulangerie and Jacob’s & Co. Steakhouse. In addition to creating beautiful pastries and desserts such as French macarons, Michael is also a talented cake artist, with vast experience crafting custom, elaborate cakes and cupcakes. In all that he does, Michael brings a traditional style and stability to the table that perfectly juxtaposes Justine’s self-taught, out of the box baking and decorating style.

Michael loves Guilty Pleasures’ signature French Toast cupcakes!

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Jaz W Hackett


Although the youngest member of our team at only 21, Jaz has immersed himself in the world of food from a young age with a passion that hasn’t yet stopped growing. Having graduated from Boreal’s Culinary Management with Excellence, he has worked with undoubtedly talented chefs of predominately Italian and French backgrounds, absorbing every ounce of information presented before him and always craving more. When it comes to transforming and manipulating produce, he has a flair for being extremely out of the box, while still considering classic techniques and pairings that have worked since before Escoffier’s time. Jaz loves to develop menus and concepts based on the locality and seasonality of ingredients, keeping things simple yet striking with strong and unusual flavour combinations.

His favourite sweet treat is our Vanilla Soy cupcakes.


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